Yesterday we saw Kensington‘s take on converting the iPhone into a full blown alarm clock complete with charging stand.  Okay, I shouldn’t say complete because one very important thing was missing: the alarm clock.  More importantly the iPhone is missing one feature in their alarm clock app, which is the ability to wake to your tunes.

The Playlist Alarm Clock from Chilli X allows you to create two playlists: one for falling asleep and one for waking.  The app requires you to make a playlist within iTunes or the app itself, but regardless of the amount of songs entered you can set the amount of time they’ll play.

Currently the app is void of any 5 star reviews with one reviewer pointing to a flaw that states you can’t let the iPhone fall into standby or lock mode otherwise it won’t work in wake mode.  Another reviewer notes that you can’t change the volume of the app and you’re unable to randomize the playlist, which means you’ll experience the same sequence day after day.  I’d probably be able to over look many of these flaws if it were free, but at $0.99 I think I’ll pass.

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