The iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones on the market today.  But, like many of today’s handsets that boast powerful processors, wireless connectivity and large touchscreens, the iPhone is plagued with a sometimes unreasonably short battery life.  To help you extend your iPhone’s battery, especially when in a pinch and short on space, here’s our list of top 5 iPhone battery backups.

Mophie JuicePack Air
As the slimmest full fledged battery pack on the market for the iPhone, the Mophie Juice Pack Air is clearly the leader.  It’ll provide more than 1 complete charge for your iPhone and won’t add that much bulk to the handset’s slender build. It also features an on/off switch so you can choose when to use the juice and on its rear is a set of battery indicator lights that are so Apple.  Available in purple, black and white for $80.  Check out our full review.

Griffin PowerReserve Duo
The PowerReserve Due combines a car charger, wall charger and backup battery pack in one for your iPhone.  The battery pack, which magnetically attaches to either unit (how cool is that?) charges while you charge the iPhone.  It won’t restore more than 25-30% of your iPhone’s battery, but it’s small, charges quickly, features LED battery lights and is great in a pinch.  It’s $60.  Check out our full review.

Incase PowerSlider
The  Incase Powerslider is similar to the Mophie Juice pack but offers a bit more protection for dings and bumps to your iPhone.  On the back of the case are 5 LEDs which indicate how much battery juice is left.  The bottom features a mini USB plug for syncing your iPhone and charging the battery pack, which means you never have to remove the case. It’s $80.

Casemate Fuel
The Casemate Fuel probably isn’t the most stylish iPhone battery pack, but it is the only one in this list with the always nerd certified clip.  The maker claims an additional 9 hours of talk time which almost doubles the iPhone’s battery life and unlike some of the others, there is an on/off switch for engaging the extra juice when you choose to.  It’s $79. Check out our full review.

iPWR SuperPack External iPhone Battery
Like some of its competitors the iPWR Superpack also more than doubles the iPhone’s battery life.  Unfortunately, it greatly extends the length of the iPhone making it not so portable.  But on the contrary.  You see, the iPWR is actually the smallest and full powered of all the battery packs making it ideal for slipping into a pocket.  You can grab one in white or black for $60.

Christen Costa

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