Sony Announces BDP-CX7000ES And BDP-CX960, A Massive 400-disc Blu-ray Player

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19 Comments to Sony Announces BDP-CX7000ES And BDP-CX960, A Massive 400-disc Blu-ray Player

  1. The unit does not allow one to access the discs via slot number with the remote unless through the GUI. This is a major setback to the custom installers out there who want to use is also as a CD changer for multi-zone audio systems.

  2. The unit does not allow one to access the discs via slot number with the remote unless through the GUI. This is a major setback to the custom installers out there who want to use is also as a CD changer for multi-zone audio systems.

  3. Steve Ayres

    I agree with others that have commented on this ‘announcement’ of the Sony blu-ray changer on Gadget REVIEW. I had expected a review of the product.

    I am not a fan of blu-ray; I don’t like the incredibly slow disc loading times for example and thought HD-DVD was in many ways superior. Regardless, blu-ray is I believe the only physical high definition format available.

    Christen would appear to dislike blu-ray even more than I do, to make such a thoughtless comment.
    “Does anyone really need a 400-disc Blu-ray changer?” Probably not, in the same way no one needs a Maserati or Ferrari, or a Patek Phillipe or Cartier watch. But if we embrace the spirit of the comment, does anyone WANT a 400 disc blu-ray changer, then the answer is YES!

    I have two Pioneer 300 disc DVD changers, and I like the ability to store all my DVDs in the player(s) for immediate access. I don’t need that convenience but I like it. I was waiting for a blu-ray player that stores hundreds of discs before investing in the format.

    I am not convinced that blu-ray will ever be a huge success in the way CD and DVD was; that there is still a market for ‘full screen’ DVDs in the USA would seem to indicate there are a lot of people out there with 4:3 tube TVs that can’t take advatange of blu-ray resolution (I still own a tube TV myself). And there are far too many cheap flat panel TVs out there with 720p resolution. Most of the time DVD quality is good enough for me. But Sony’s blu-ray ‘mega changer’ does tempt me to start investing in the blu-ray format.

    Now if only the website andimistrators could have removed that first paragraph…

  4. Wow! I thought this “Gadget Review” sucked. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

    We have 2 other Sony Mega changers. One CD and one DVD. They are both full.

    The nicest thing about a mega changer is not having to handle and possibly damage your disk, not to mention lose them in the clutter of all the cases as you switch out disk.

    I looked for this “Review” to see the differences in the 2 changers. Not to decide if having a blu-ray changer was for me. It is for me.

    Hey, I must be in the top 5%.

    By the way, To McDonalds, (Advertising here), In response to the Reviewer here I will not be buying McDonalds today.

  5. Wow. Talking about pulling your head out of your ass… I suggest you do that yourself.
    Maybe there aren’t that many families that own 400 blu-rays, or even 400 blu-rays and dvds. But I think there are in fact a lot of families that own 400 blu-rays, dvds and cds. Because, oh snap, you can put those in as well. Well enough time wasted at this garbage you consider to be an ‘article’. Have a nice life.

  6. probably not; different light spectrums, reading methods, same reason you couldn’t flash a CD player to read a DVD. Mainly tech is backwards compatible…
    Isn’t HDDVD gone?
    my guess is that BluRAY will be replaced by streaming content

  7. This is not the first carousel CD DVD player that Sony has created. I have the 300 disc Sony DVP-CX875P and it is fully loaded. I use it mainly to reduce the clutter of racks of cases and the wear and tear of finding, adding, removing a DVD each time I want to watch a movie. It also has the ability to play any track from any disc in the collection with a function called Program Play. This was a nice way to show off your system for example I would select Vertical Limit Chapter 1, Matrix C29, Sum of all fear C9, Predator C12, Muskateer C6, Open Range C14, Batman C28, Independence Day C25, X-Men 1.5 C24 Matrix Reloaded C23, etc.. I really hope they have kept and/or expanded this feature. I also like the idea of using an internet connection to get the disc info, this was not always included with the DVD and you would have to pick a picture from a scene on the disc to use as the icon in the folder menu. The menu itself was always a little slow, I hope they were able to speed this up.

  8. justin lowellellen

    actually, since its firmware can be upgraded by direct internet connection, even if (and that is a BIG IF)… IF BluRay did not continue to dominate over hd, and yet again an inferior format won the marketplace video standard, Sony could issue an update to read the inferior ‘hd’ format. No?

  9. The strength of this machine is it’s ability to play CDs, DVDs, and BDs, so I won’t need several devices for music or video playback. I’ve been hoping to get something like this for years!

    The opening paragraph lacks insight and discredits the article. I think the “review” was poorly worded, and the responses to the criticism are juvenile.

    Don’t quit yer day job, kid.

  10. Wow..That’s all I have to say. If this an article and not a reviw, then why is it posted on “Gadget Review”? I would put money o that more than 5% of the families own more than 400 DVD and/or Blu-ray discs. If the article is not a review, it should not be listed in the Gadget Review. searched for review iintentionally and found this crap. It’s one thing to be creative, it’s another to be uninformed.

  11. Christen,
    I discovered your article while looking for new information on this Blue Ray device. I am a future buyer of this equipment. Did you actually receive compensation for this “article”? You basically wrote an unprofessional sentence and then cut and pasted information from the general info that is widely available on the web. In short, this article provides no insight. To dismiss what could be the most advanced dvd device in history with a sophomoric “oh really” and “freakin” indicates you are really missing the boat. You do not likely know this but there are over 2000 titles currently available in Blue Ray and more becoming available every day. The device also not only plays but upscales regular dvds and the number of families who own 400 or more dvds is more plentiful, as “Vis” points out above.

    I suggest if you would like to make money in writing reviews for electronic equipment, or become good at it, you might want to read the CNET review. It is well written, objective, and serves a purpose. This article is framed by ads from your corporate clients such as Kmart, Windstream, and even the upscale Infiniti. I can assure you the sales people who obtained these customers did not and will not use your article to attract business.

    As for the “oh snap” comment, are you a large black women from the 70’s? Who has talked like that in the last decade?

    You will eventually leave this career unknown and in obscurity if you persist authoring such articles. Please accept this as positive criticism of your work and improve.
    I wish you luck Eleanor Rigby

    • Well, well, well, someone has some time on their hands. First of all the above article is not a review and nor was it or is positioned in that manner. Second, what the hell is an unprofessional sentence? C) (got ya), it’s certainly not the most advanced DVD player in history because it is actually a blu-ray player that can also handle DVDs. Second to last, If you haven’t been following the industry, then you’d know that Blu-ray may not last all that long hence negating the purchase of a 400 disc Blu-ray player. Lastly, I’d put money on it that not more than 5% of families in the US own 400 or more DVDs.

      I resent your comment in regards to a ‘large black woman’ as you’re clearly racist and believe the way people talk is associated with their skin color. If you took the time to pull your head out of your ass you’d probably be able to see this.

      I don’t accept this as positive criticism and you’re only stifling my creativity.

  12. LOL @ “Jim”: I own 417 BD-discs (all region’s since I have a high-end region-free BD-player as well) plus an additional 1800+ DVD’s. So how about you go elsewhere and play some more Mario Bros, allright?

  13. Christen da Costa,

    You need to get a clue when you make the comment.

    “Really Sony? Does anyone really need a 400-disc Blu-ray changer? Who in their freakin’ right mind owns this many Blu-rays, let alone needs to be able to watch any single one of them at the push of the button?”

    I as well as our clients have been waiting for this device for a long time!

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