SmartSwipe announced today that they’re bringing their secure personal credit card reader to the US.  It plugs into your computer’s USB port and encrypts your credit card info before it reaches your computer, insuring that you’re protected from identify thieves and even keystroke loggers.

It’s not clear what sites that it’s compatible with, but the SmartSwipe system requires you to install their software on your Windows machine in order for it to work.  When you reach checkout at your favorite online retailer, the SmartSwipe software will block you from manually entering your credit card info and bring up a checkout wizard which will prompt you to swipe your credit card.

If you’re interested in securing your credit card info, and perhaps enjoy the visceral experience of sliding some plastic, you can grab on today for $99.95.

Check the quick infomercial below for the same details.

Full release after the ‘leap’

SmartSwipe Revolutionizes Online

World’s first truly secure personal credit card reader keeps PC safe while shopping

Regina, SK – July 14, 2009 – NetSecure Technologies is proud to offer US consumers the
immediate availability of SmartSwipe, a personal credit card reader that keeps your credit card
information and identity completely safe when you’re shopping online.  Plug the SmartSwipe into your
computer’s USB port, visit your favorite online stores, and swipe your credit card exactly like you
would at a shop.  SmartSwipe then scrambles and encrypts the user’s credit card data before it
reaches the user’s computer or internet providing instant protection from malicious software attacks.

Traditional online security only protects your sensitive information once it has reached the internet,
but not while it’s sitting on your computer.  Credit card companies, online retailers and security
professionals spend millions every year to make the internet a safer place for credit card transactions.
Despite these constant advances, credit card data is stolen every day due to the vulnerability of
personal computers.  Hackers and thieves make a living taking your credit card data and personal
information right from the desktop.

“Until now, there hasn’t been an affordable and effective solution for consumers to securely protect
their credit card data while shopping online” said Daniel McCann, President of NetSecure
Technologies.  “Hackers have extremely sophisticated methods of circumventing traditional internet
security to steal your personal information right from your computer.  SmartSwipe facilitates
transactions that leave no trace of credit card data, guaranteeing your information remains secure.”

SmartSwipe features simple plug and play installation and also eliminates the need to manually enter
credit card information saving time while you shop online.  The SmartSwipe works with nearly every
major credit card and credit/debit card combination including Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
and Discover.  System requirements include Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Internet Explorer 6 or
higher.  It also features a 90 day no-hassle return policy should you not be 100% satisfied.

The SmartSwipe is available now from with a MSRP of $99.95.  For more information
and a brief product demo video, please visit

About NetSecure

NetSecure is dedicated to providing consumer-oriented, next-generation online payment solutions to
break down the barriers that prevent consumers from fully embracing the online marketplace.  At the
leading edge of eCommerce solutions, NetSecure provides consumers with the very best in
protection technology for online shopping.  The flagship product, SmartSwipe, is the world’s first truly
secure personal credit card reader.

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