Is it me or do all these approaches to the unconventional keyboard seemed flawed out the gate?  I mean, the Versa’s modular keyboard idea is great but it’s far from practical when compared to the iPhone or Palm PRE.  And Samsung’s latest patent filing is no exception to my aforementioned rule.  It calls for a smartphone that like RedBull, gives your phone wings.

Well, okay the phone can’t fly but hidden on the back of the phone is a QWERTY keyboard that is divided in half onto two spring loaded and hinged wings.  When not in use the user could simply fold them up for storage and use the touchscreen handset as normal.  But here in lies the problem: the wings appear to be thin and wide, and based on some Newtonian physics would make for an awkward typing scenario; kind of like trying to hold a bowling ball with two Popsicle sticks.  Perhaps a utility belt would provide a resolve, you know, to hold it up and all.


Christen Costa

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