Samsung has cooked up a hot new offering for the second half of 2009 – a compact camcorder with near full-HD quality video for the price of a standard resolution model.

The company recently introduced two models that will surely bring out the bargain hunters – Samsung SMX-K40 and SMX-K45. These new pocket size designs boast Samsung’s most powerful lens – a whooping 65x Intelli-Zoom with up to 720×480 resolution.  With a built-in HDMI port you can connect either camera to your HDTV and it will upscale the video to a 1080 resolution on the fly, creating an almost HD quality picture.

With the same lens and design the only difference between the two cameras is memory. The Samsung SMX-K45 offers an internal 32GB Solid State Drive (SSD), while Samsung SMX-K40 lacks internal storage and requires the use the of a SD/SDHC card.  Other features include a 2.7-inch LCD, optical image stabilization, in camera video editing and 800×600 still photos.

The SMX-K45 is estimated to cost $499.99 while the K40 is expected to be priced at $329.99.   Both are expected to release August 2009.