It’s not too often that the power pack comes unplugged from the outlet, but when it does it probably couldn’t happen at a worse time.  Like when you’re in the heat of the FPS battle or hammering home the closing statements of that research paper.  Although it doesn’t contain a UPS backup battery (that would really seal the deal) the PFPower Pluglock power strip features 5 outlets each with their very own clamp to insure that the plug stays in place and that the juice is always delivered, pending any power outages or other acts of God.  It’s rated for 15 amps and includes a 5ft extension cord.  You can grab on now for about $45.

It’s too bad Rackspace couldn’t invest in an enterprise version of this.  If they did, maybe this site and many others wouldn’t have had any down time a few weeks ago.  ZING!

[via RFJ]


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