Looking to be pretty comfortable in your kitchen area, Oregon Scientific’s solar powered weather station, the +Eco Clima Control will keep you alert to all things related to your immediate inside and outside world.  Now priced at $120 (originally it was $99) and set to release this fall, the Solar Powered Weather Station will operate for three months on an 8 hour initial charge.  Seems like a good gift right?

Full press release after the ‘leap’

Tualatin, OR – July 7, 2009 – Oregon Scientific announced today the release of the +ECO Clima Control weather station, the first in its innovative new line of energy-conserving electronics.  The +ECO product, operating with solar energy, offers essential timing and weather features while helping to reduce energy consumption and improve battery life.

The +ECO Clima Control is equipped with a built-in solar panel, and is powered by the sun.  It allows its users to monitor the current temperature and humidity in up to four locations within the home and outdoors, using remote wireless temperature and humidity sensors.  With only an 8-hour charge, the +ECO Clima Control will operate for up to three months before another charge is needed.

“We are excited to introduce our first solar-powered weather station into our ever-growing line of Oregon Scientific household products,” said Mike Prager, President of Oregon Scientific, US.  “We are committed to exploring alternative sources of energy to power our products, and will continue to look for new innovations to serve our consumers.”

In September, two additional solar-powered installments will be added to the +ECO line.  The first, the +ECO Solar Weather Station will monitor current indoor and outdoor weather temperatures, humidity and shows an iconic future weather forecast, as well as the precise Atomic time.  Second, the more compact +ECO Solar Weather Clock will monitor the current indoor and outdoor weather temperatures and humidity, as well the Atomic time.  Both products are equipped with detachable solar panels and remote wireless temperature and humidity sensors.

Jeff B