Mophie Juice Pack Air Rechargeable Battery Case Review

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4 Comments to Mophie Juice Pack Air Rechargeable Battery Case Review

  1. The USB connector came lose on mine …

    However, the company is letting me return it.

    I love my Mophie, though, especially when I am traveling and using the GPS and mapping.

  2. Hi Joe, crazy eh? Out of the box that’s how the JPA performed in combination with a fully charged rather new 3G iPhone. I also did not have any push notifications enabled and it could have been a fluke though I really just think it depends on how much you are using your phone. Maybe you got a bunk one? The other review I did on the Case Mate Fuel, I have a buddy who has the same thing and his died on him a couple weeks after purchase. Thanks for the inquiry and good luck!


  3. Five days?! I have a 3G S. I don’t have Push on. Etc etc etc. I’m lucky if I get 5 hours and I have a Juice Pack Air which can get me back to about 90% for another several hours with moderate use while the JPA is charging. Please share how you’re getting 5 days of use of your phone on one charge.

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