GadgetReview’s Top Ten G.I.Joe Vehicles From Back In The Day (1982-1986)

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6 Comments to GadgetReview’s Top Ten G.I.Joe Vehicles From Back In The Day (1982-1986)

  1. I had the aircraft carrier…but it was “lost” when we moved houses….wish I had that now!
    I also had the W.H.A.L.E. Snowcat and APC. But…as a kid, I destroyed those things!!

  2. Great job with this list. My friend had the aircraft carrier and I was short enough that I could lie on it and play.

  3. Yo Jeff…much respect for the time you put into this nostalgic list of our generation’s best toy. One beef though. How the sky striker doesn’t make this list baffles me?? I know it’s hard to choose out of so many great vehicles but come on?!?!? No disrespect but that’s probably the reason your folks never bought you that aircraft carrier you wanted to have sleepy time on. You should have had more love for what was meant to be landing on it!!

  4. I almost shed my tears. Yo Joe, brother. May the new movie (or the one they make to improve it) find you in happiness.

  5. I just made a big ebay purchase including half of these vehicles. Like you i grew up with these and they were my favorite toy. I got the cash now and figured hell, there only gonna gain value. And knowing is half the battle!

  6. I found my stuff what I had left last year. I had the PIT or what was left of it. Can’t wait til the movie comes out. Have most of the comic books too.

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