A bit more news has surfaced about Michael Arrington’s Crunchpad computer by way of the The Straits Times, who claims that they’ve got a sneak preview of the tablet like computer.

We already knew about the 4GB of storage and WiFi, but they’re reporting that it will weigh 2.64lbs, have a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, a USB port and possibly built-in 3G connectivity.  And that $300 price, it’s said to now be $400.  Launch date is expected in November, which might prove fatal since it’s a few months after the rumored launch date of Apple’s answer to the tablet laptop.

Still, though, Arrington hasn’t made any noise about the Crunchpad since that whole unboxing debacle, so I’d suggest taking this news with a grain of salt.

[via Gottabemobile]


Christen Costa

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