Foxconn, who has long been known for manufacturing Apple products, such as the iPod and iPhone, has found themselves in some hot water that has the computer maker investigating the company’s policies.

The whole fiasco apparently started when Foxconn’s working conditions came into question, now the matter has been escalated to one of interrogation and suicide.  The ND Daily has reported that a Foxconn employee committed suicide recently after being suspected of stealing an iPhone prototype.  Although it’s not clear which iPhone was stolen (does it really matter), or if it was actually stolen, the accused, Sun Danyong, committed suicide after undergoing ‘unbearable interrogation techniques’ that involved searching his home, holding him in solitary confinement and possibly beating him.  The security official who interrogated him has been suspended without pay and the company is now investigating their Central Security Division.

While the official denies any of the above accusations, Sun’s friends report that before his suicide that he talked about the interrogation techniques used by Foxconn, which might have included ‘laying hands’ on him.  Officials who work in the Central Security office denounced any such accusations since Sun would have been held in the central room where 60-70 employees reside, making it virtually impossible to cover up any interrogation techniques that involved physical abuse.

Let’s just hope this improves working conditions for Foxconn employees and Apple keeps a closer eye on their manufacturers.


Christen Costa

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