Wow, Treyarch is really making good on the DLC tip for Call Of Duty: World At War with its third installment coming sometime this August.  Modern Warfare only had one sort of cool map pack.  What the deal with that?  While I heard that not many people were playing the second map back, do you think the impending release of Modern Warfare 2 will have any impact on players buying this DLC?  With MW2 still months away there is still plenty of time to get your WW2 FPS on and raise your rank.  The 3rd map pack will feature three multiplayer maps (Battery, Revolution and Breach) and one zombie map (Der Riese).  As before the map pack will probably be $10 but let’s hope it’s $5 or even free given the fact we deserve it.  Free will definitely have people playing it.  People are also playing Battlefield 1943 right now so only time will truly tell. Still, big ups Treyarch for the continued support!


Jeff B