Most people seek fame and fortune, but too much of any good thing and it can always turn sour.  The Anti-paparazzi Clutch (not its official name) emits a camera blinding bright light when it detects a flash.  That means the day time snoops, or day walking celebs can still be caught in nefarious situations, but still it’s a significant step in the right direction for those who are camera shy.

Designed by Adam Harvey, an NYU grad student, the device uses a photo cell to detect a photographer’s flash that triggers a set of ultra bright LEDs.  The device’s contents currently fit inside a small purse but he is working to refine the product into a smaller format as well as patent the idea.

A pretty limited market if you ask me, but I suppose you could charge an arm and a leg.

[via Crunchgear]


Christen Costa

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