Akai LPK 25 And LPD 8 To Be Shown At This Month’s NAMM

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4 Comments to Akai LPK 25 And LPD 8 To Be Shown At This Month’s NAMM

  1. I would wait on these too. I tried all three of the nanos. The nanokontrol rocks! The nanokeys SUCK! They were totally useless IMHO. The nanopads were just okay too me… The only one that I didn’t return was the nanokontrol. If lpk25 keys are decent I will buy it. I really don’t need the pads.

  2. does anybody know when they will come out???? I think I rather wait and buy these too rather than the Korg nanos

  3. In the early days it was so much fun to use the Akia gear for lots of fun tricks in the studio. I think sometimes it’s still more fun to grab a piece of hardware instead of tweaking things in the computer.

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