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Real World Ray Gun Goes Aerial (video)

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Remember the Ray Gun that 60 minutes reporter David Martin went face to face with earlier this year (see below video)?  Well, now it’s taking to the skies.  Previously the gun was limited to ground vehicles due to its size, but now thanks to a funding bump Raytheon has managed...


NES Controller Biz Card Holder

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Comic-con officially kicked off today, but I bet you dollars to donuts you won’t have one of these business card holders?  In fact I can guarantee you don’t have the NES Controller Biz Card Holder because it doesn’t ship until this October.  Inside are two compartments: one for holding your...


Maximo iM-590 Earphones Review

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Earphones.  Now that the MP3 fully dominates we are seeing more and more products associated with them.  As a result earphones are being manufactured by a countless number of companies in an attempt to capture even a fraction of the MP3 accessory market.  Although I’ve never heard of Maximo, they...