Daily Archives: July 21, 2009


The Zoom Q3 Camcorder Is All About The Professional Audio


Until recent, the focus of pocket sized (aka FlipShare) camcorders has been video quality, while audio has played second fiddle.  Fiddle no more says Samson.  Today the company introduced the Q3 Handy Video Recording.  It records 640×480 video, but the microphone is the main stay of this camcorder.  Using the...


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Game Review (Xbox 360)


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an epic RPG game that provides gamers with an almost endless amount of gameplay in a fantasy land that is tarnished by greed and battle. Using very similar mechanics found in the first Sacred game, the second installment of the game actually serves as a...


Vertu Launches A Carbon Fiber Collection


After market car part fans can now rejoice thanks to the introduction of Vertu’s latest collection, the Carbon Fibre. They’ll be available this August and price, well you’ll have to ask, because Vertu doesn’t feel the need to publish or perhaps deter any potential buyers. The phone depicted here is...