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Altona HDAiR: Wireless USB To HDMI


Still trying to figure how to connect your laptop to your hi-def TV sans cords? Well, wonder no longer thanks to Altona’s HDAiR wireles USB to HDMI (or VGA) link. Using Wisair’s chipset the signal is transmitted over ‘ultra wide band’, the same frequency utilized by wireless USB. It has...


ClimbStation: What Climbers Dream About…Sort Of

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Being somewhat into bouldering, the ClimbStation would be the ultimate training tool.  For the absurdly wealthy that is.  At a crazy ass price of $42,000, the ClimbStation is more like a vertical treadmill.  The platform is about 150 Cm’s long and you can place around 90 holds wherever you like. ...


Akai LPK 25 And LPD 8 To Be Shown At This Month’s NAMM


I have had my Akai MPC 1000 for several years now and still appreciate its craftmanship and accessability.  At this year’s NAMM show in Nashville, Akai will unveil the LPK 25 and the LPD8 as the ultimate portable MIDI controllers.  Not sure on the total specs but they seem to...