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Clue iPhone Game Review


Clue is one of those classic board games that you undoubtedly played as a child before your parents bought you a video game console.  Mashing the two together, EA games has brought Clue to the iPhone and iPod Touch for only $5. Offering a very streamlined approach, Clue works extremely...


Nintendo Black Wii Packaging Pictured

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It’s no secret that Nintendo will be releasing an all black Wii this summer, but it’s always nice to fan the flames of pre-launch jitters with some packaging.  As you can see, and previously reported the controllers will also be finished in an all sexy black.  Unfortunately, price has yet...


New Guitar Hero 5 Controller Goes Digital


When Guitar Hero 5 rampages through stores this September, consumers will also have a chance to buy a new more “metal” looking guitar controller.  The new controller will feature an all digital slider control to help reduce latency.  Other improvements include:  colored dots along the top of the neck so...


Samsung HMX-U10 Intros 1080 Camcorder To Compete With Flip

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The vertical pocket sized camcorder has caught on like a bad case of the bird flu.  Entering the market today is Samsung with their HMX-U10.  I know what you’re thinking: “Flip already has this market cornered”.  Well, you’re partially right, but what makes the HMX-U10 unique is its ability to...


Soda Can Spy Camera Makes Me Thirsty For Snooping


While it might be a bit suspect that you have a full can of Diet A&W root beer on your counter, the babysitter or gardener will never know that you’re recording their every move, that is until they go and try to drink the refreshing beverage.  Jammed inside this spy...


SmartSwipe’s USB Credit Card Reader Comes To The US (video)


SmartSwipe announced today that they’re bringing their secure personal credit card reader to the US.  It plugs into your computer’s USB port and encrypts your credit card info before it reaches your computer, insuring that you’re protected from identify thieves and even keystroke loggers. It’s not clear what sites that...