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i.Saw: A USB Powered Chainsaw (video)

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Every once and a while a product comes along that makes the blogosphere explodes in excitement, and the USB Chainsaw – actually called the i.Saw –  is one of those.  If you hit the video you’ll notice that they’ve used an Apple iPod/iPhone USB cord, which clearly adds to the...


Gadget Leak: Samsung Glyde 2 Coming To Verizon


Okay, the details are super slim, but apparently this is the second iteration of the Samsung Glyde, the Glyde 2.  At the very least were talking touchscreen AMOLED, full QWERTY keyboard and 3 hard buttons.  Expect more details to emerge very soon….I think. Read...


Wii Music Set To Dance (video)


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Nintendo music hit the stage and I’m sure it’s not the last.  I think the first half is the most compelling and entertaining, but hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.  I appreciate the dancer’s humility at the end of the...