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Phosphor Watch - 02

Phosphor E-Ink Digital Calendar Watch Review


E-Ink has long maintained a character of anonymity but in the last few years its grown to become an almost house hold recognizable technology. Okay, perhaps that is a bit of an overstatement but with the launch of the Kindle 2, Kindle DX and numerous other e-readers anybody in the...


Alien Abduction Lamp Is Real And They’re Coming!

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Got a friend or family member that watches countless hours of alien abduction TV shows on Natgeo or the Discovery Channel?  Well have I got the perfect gift for them: the Alien Abduction lamp.  Not only is the “Bovine Abductee” completely removable, but it features a glowing cockpit complete with...


Gadget Rumor: New iPod Touches To Get Camera Action

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Like the Jennifer Aniston movie, rumor has it that the new batch of iPod Touches for this September will contain cameras capable of shooting video like the one found in the current iPhone 3Gs.  Cyber Steve Jobs and friends are taking aim at the digital camcorder market and have allegedly...


Hercules i-XPS 120 Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker

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The Hercules i-XPS 120 Portable iPod Outdoor Speaker might be one of many in a long line of Apple iPod accessories, but at least it will protect your player from the pool or beach side elements.  A water tight door keeps it dry while a set of exterior buttons lets...


Super Mod: Portable Xbox 360 Laptop


Would you buy something like this?  Created by Ben “What The” Heck, this portable Xbox 360 laptop mod will definitely turn more than a few heads at the local corporate coffee shop.  Features include:  an integrated Ethernet port, digital push button volume control, improved ventilation, flush-mount DVD drive, and a...


Touchscreen Vending Machines (video)


The days of the old school snack vending machine are numbered. No longer will you punch in what seems like coordinates to sink my battle ship, but instead select the item from a touchscreen interface. I know, I know, the term ‘touchscreen’ is getting to the point of sickly sweet,...