Talk about red headed stepchild, damn son!  This would have been very handy 15 some odd years ago for sure.  While it is not a handheld emulator obviously, it will let you use all of your actual old game cartridges and help you dust of dreams of nostalgia in the process.  Too bad there isn’t any an resolution upscaling.  I would totally let this thing ride in the side car of my motorcycle!  On sale now through the trusted US online retailer ThinkGeek for $40.

Product Features:

  • Game Console Plays Old Sega Genesis and NES Games
  • Two slots allow you to plug in a Genesis or NES cartridge
  • Switch chooses from NES (8 Bit) or Genesis (16 Bit) mode
  • Connects to your TV via standard composite video out
  • Stereo sound (depending on game)
  • Comes with two Genesis style controllers
  • Plays most Japanese import games
  • NTSC for USA market
  • Main console measures a compact 17cm x 15cm x 4cm high


Jeff B