When Will My iPhone 3GS Arrive? Take A Guess And You Could Win Something

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26 Comments to When Will My iPhone 3GS Arrive? Take A Guess And You Could Win Something

  1. I ordered mine at 8 am on monday the 15th and it still hasnt arrived. Wondering what carrier their using and when it will arrive. Shipping it to mississippi. Anybody in ms got theirs yet.

  2. Mine is scheduled to be delivered today, it is already in my hometown waiting for delivery. My guess…it will arrive today June 19, 2009.

  3. kevin mongru

    btw it has cleared customs or else the shipement wouldnt be moving on the “house level” and it would have been moving in bulk (master) still…. any shipement in kentucky will be delivered early tomorrow morning…. it has finished the linehaul from china to alaska already

    what do we win?

  4. kevin mongru

    all next day air east coast packages hub at kentucky before delivering the next day befor 1030 am
    hope this answers your question

    even if u ship from new york nda it still goes all the way to kentucky and back on a plane again back to ny

    ups is weird
    but thats their most cost efficient approach

  5. just got this

    thank you for your e-mail. Our system indicates your package is part of a multiple package shipment of Apple iPhones, that is being imported by Apple Computer. The scheduled delivery date for your package is 06/19/09, by 10:30 a.m., pending normal customs clearance. UPS and Apple are working together on a special delivery plan for the new Apple iPhones, so that all packages will be delivered on the same day, Friday June 19, 2009.

    This shipment has been cleared through US Customs by Apple Computer representatives and your package will be delivered on time. I apologize for any concerns that you have about your package. Should you have any additional concerns, please contact your Apple representative where you purchased your product. I hope this information is helpful and I appreciate your patience.

    Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

    Rita M
    UPS Customer Service

  6. okay mine as of now is being held in Louisville, Kentucky. i just got off the phone with UPS International Services and she said that they are trying to work with apple to have the packages released cause they dont have alot of room to hold them but she said Guaranteed friday 19th and the end of business day. So she said if its in Louisville it will ship to Minneapolis thursday night (or wherever you live) then be delivered guaranteed end of the day friday.

  7. My guess is….the late 18th, early 19th (this counts as a day, because it’s a 24-hour period haha)….If it’s in Alaska, it will be flown to their main hub overnight tonight….then tomorrow, it will be processed, and sent out on a truck to your area. Now depending on how far away you are from Kentucky, thats where it gets tricky. I’m in Illinois. So it take’s one day to get to my area. And it usually only takes a shift to proccess it and have it truck ready. But you can guess yourself. How many days do you think it would take a trucker to drive from Kentucky, to the state you live in? then add one day to that. and thats when it will arrive…..im looking forward to my gadget.

  8. Tough call not knowing where you live. However, I would think that UPS would not have a problem getting to most locations in the United States within about three days. I would say there’ s a good chance that you will get it Friday, Monday at the latest.

  9. I have been tracking mine and it says it will be delivered tomorrow. Check the screenshot attached. I am sure you will get yours on the 19th.

  10. If you live on the West Coast, then Thursday (6/18). For all other U.S. locations, then Friday (6/19).

  11. Definitely on Fri. I honestly think that the confirmation emails are automatically generated and they put a date based on when you place the order but will probably ship early to get the 3Gs to people by the June 19th.

  12. mine is with your package. lol. i havent seen an update that it has left anchorage yet. earlier today ups had a delivery date of 6/17/09 but the email i got from apple said it would be no later than june 22nd. i live in minnesota and im pretty sure its not gonna get here tomorrow but it will get there by friday. yours defintely will too if mine does to so im saying thursday June 18th

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