Tivo’s suit against Dish Network, the one that won them $103 million in royalties, might do more than fatten their bank account.  It might provide them with the necessary leverage to either sell the company to a Pay TV service provider or establish contracts with DirecTV, TimeWarner cable and others to utilize their DVR technology.  In fact, TimeWaner’s CFO said on a June 11th conference call that TW is in talks with Tivo to provide their DVR boxes to their 13 million subscribers, although Tivo wouldn’t confirm.  Of note, Tivo already has a contract with Comcast, which I believe is the largest cable provider in the US.

Personally, I can’t stand Timewarner’s current DVR offering, a POS Motorola cable box that often freezes, records ‘repeats’ even though the option isn’t selected, and lacks some painfully obvious features that many DVR users have come to expect.  Even if TW does sign with the DVR company, it will be probably more than a year before customers like me see the box in our homes (tear).

Sound off below if you have some thoughts on the whole DVR offering from cable/satellite companies.  Does Tivo rock or suck? Would you pay extra for the service? What do you think of TimeWarner/Comcast?  You know I can’t stand their DVR box.

[via Giz]


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