Stupid PSP Go Makes All PSP 3000 And Below Accessories Totally Worthless

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24 Comments to Stupid PSP Go Makes All PSP 3000 And Below Accessories Totally Worthless

  1. top banana licker

    PSP GO haters, GO haters, GO haters, why play the stupid thing, if you love it that much marry it, then divorce it and see how it will cope with life without you, then it will come crawling with its slim line deserving perhipals and its slick ergonomic styling, dump it i say and buy 1 of them new gadgets,, a woman i thinks its called,, yes definately a woman, you can plug and play all day without the need to recharge, ifs she stops working, no need to call up fro repairs, just she if she has a substitute to play with, mum sister, friend, college mate.. u get where i coiming from here, put down your idle hands saving a planet or driving a car and GO GET A GIRLFRIEND/WIFE/LOVER

  2. 15cstraight

    I hate the psp go it’s really stupid. I’ve got a psp 3000 and i’m prowed of it. I’ve got Dissidia Final Fantasy, Samurai Showdown Anthology, Madden 2010, Click (The movie with Adam Sandler) and an ATV game. EAT THAT PSP GO!

  3. Both the PSP GO and Nintendo DSi were made SOLEY to eliminate pirating…cuz its really easy to get pirated games for older PSPs and DS’…but more importantly the PSP GO is still worthless. The wireless is still 802.11b, the downloads are still painfully slow, you can’t download in the background, you cant use games you may already own…you can’t buy used games anymore frmo Gamestop…

    This doesn’t benefit us at all…there was NO REASON to create another PSP console as the most recent version prior to the GO was already perfect…

    It is even MORE UNCOMFORTABLE than the original…and its more expensive than the previous model, WHERE ARE THE POSITIVES HERE??????

  4. psp go is trash, and it will fail, the end of sony portables, feels light (cheap) and the contoller is not comfortable. 250(might as well be 1000) for this please, all you psp fan boys are the only ones going to buy this and then feel dum when they drop the price 6 months later.
    and no sony no longer has plans for umd conversion. so yeah the psp go is trash(paper weight at best)

  5. the problem with sony is that they ALWAYS make a new type of product based from an old product that is slimmer higher graphics, etc. still it will just cost you a LOT OF MONEY and same OLD FEATURES for short very VEry veRY lame!!

  6. Just saying that it’s a disappointment to me that the PSP Go is not PSP 2. PSP has been around for a while and it’s about time we get a hardware update. I understand with new systems there are new peripherals and accessories but Go ain’t not nunna that.

  7. I don’t understand why people think the psp go is ugly!
    It’s so sleek, ergonomic, and best of all comfortable!
    And understand that this is not going to replace the other psp’s, Sony is merely giving us more options, quite nice of them if you ask me.

        • BAWWWW what could u possibly NEED from ur old accesories? USB and charger is blundled with Go ofcourse. Please dont whine about peripherals, you are clearly a PSP h8ter because u seem just fine with the loss of GH periphirals and such on the DSi. Also, Sony has officialy announced a plan to allow UMD transfer to PSN

  8. Lol, hater, psp go looks sick, and yeah your cumbersome 3000 and your bag of umd’s are still going to be made…crybaby!

  9. shamdiddy

    dude, you sound like a spoiled crybaby brat…waah waah my old psp stuff isn’t compatible…waah

  10. LOL, they still support the other PSP’s. You idiot. If you already have a PSP you don’t need this one unless your a richkid or your hardcore. Im hardcore, so ill have PSP1000 PSP2000 and PSPGO come oct 1. Please think. It is not PSP 2. It is a PSP GO.

  11. Maxfield

    actually, the reps from sony are reporting that the go’s main focus will be towards the digital groups who dont want any excess physical products. they have also stated that the unit will be left on the market WITH the 3000. not as a replacement. so any and all existing psp units are still usable and current. this is merely an alternative.

    • Anonymous

      You’ll be able to download games you already own on UMD for the PSP Go for free. As to how this will work who knows but Sony made this pretty clear at E3.

  12. it’s not a big deal if all the accessories won’t work?
    rofl, that’s a super lame reason to not get the pspgo.
    well, unless you spent hundreds of dollars on psp accessories, but that would just be stupid.

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