I honestly liked the artist renderings much better.  Because it has two analog sticks!  The big E3 leak this year is the much speculated Sony PSP Go, and today we have some decent details and a video to boot.  As previously rumored, the PSP Go will not have a UMD drive and will feature 16Gb’s of on board flash memory, a 3.8 inch screen, a memory stick duo slot, and bluetooth functionality.  The big draw they say is the fact that it is 43% lighter than the PSP 3000 and will appeal to the digitally savvy consumer.  I was expecting a bump in hardware and better games. Nooooooo, it’s just a more portable Playstation Portable with only one analog stick!  Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog would take a dump all over this.  Watch the moderately cheesy but informative video below.


Jeff B