Monthly Archives: June 2009


Lucas Sanctioned Stars Wars Wii Lightsaber and Blaster


Lucas may not be a world changing auteur, but his business prowess is off the charts.  That’s why he is releasing official (read: not imitation) Star Wars paraphernalia for the Nintendo Wii.  The Lightsaber will be available in an Anakin and Yoda version and the Clone Trooper Blaster features two...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model


The proprietor of Neowin has some how scored in inside man at Microsoft.  More importantly the leak is willing to share info about the Zune HD, so much so in fact that he straight up admitted to Microsoft execs that he had leaked info previously, but some how went on...


MiLi Pro iPhone Video Projector


I really gotta hand it to PhoneSuit. Why? Because, they continue to stick to their guns and battle it out in the iPhone accessory market. Although I wasn’t floored with their first battery back, the Mili Pro iPhone Video Projector looks to be the stuff dreams are made of. They’ve...


Verizon HTC Ozone Price And Release Date Get Official


It’s official.  Verizon’s HTC Ozone QWERTY keyboarded phone will launch June 29th and costs $49.99 after a 2-year contract signing and $70 mail-in-rebate.  Those traveling abroad will enjoy its global roaming abilities, but other than that it’s pretty standard issue: 3G, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and a 1500 mAh battery. Read...


Always Innovating Touchbook Shipping This July


Although a bit behind schedule, Always Innovating’s Touchbook, a netbook/tablet like device we covered in March will finally start shipping in July. And we now know it will include a TI OMAP3530 processor, which should produce enough moving power for video and websurfing without negating significant battery life.  Be warned,...


AT&T Femtocells To Be Released Later This Year


AT&T is set to rollout their femtocell technology by the end of this year. They will be expanding the current trial into a marketing trial to a handful of cities in the coming weeks. A full national launch should be in place by the end of 2009. So what is...


iPhone 3.0 Remote App Update Now Supports Apple TV


Anybody got an Apple TV?  Tired of that crappy little controller?  Apple has just released a 3.0 version of its Remote App that now supports controls for Apple TV.  It also features gestured moves that allow you to control your Apple TV with greater accuracy.  Sources report that the app...


AT&T Navigator iPhone App Released, Features Turn-by-turn Directions On How To Spend Your Life Savings


Turn-by-turn GPS navigation has officially arrived on the iPhone in the form of AT&T’s Navigator.  It includes the usual features, such as traffic alerts, 3D maps, speech recognition, auto map updates, 10 million business listings, auto reroutes and the choice between traffic optimized’; ‘fastest’; ‘prefer streets’;’prefer highways’ and ‘pedestrian mode’....


Transformers Skins For Your DS By PDP


Revenge of the Fallen, the new Transformers movie hits theaters this week and will surely be a powderkeg of CGI explosiveness. To commemorate such a film, PDP is releasing two DS skins in the styles of BumbleBee and Megatron.  From the picture, the skins look like that nice type of...