By now we’re all familiar with the term accelerometer thanks to the advent of the iPhone.  But just in case you ain’t heard, an accelerometer detects what orientation your holding the product and can adjust accordingly, take for example the iPhone’s screen.  Now the tech has been stuffed inside an electric toothbrush.  Using the aforementioned technology, Omron’s HT-B551 deduces what teeth your brushing and adjusts bristle speed and intensity.  For instance, holding the HT-B551 face down will increase rotation speed since it assumes you’re brushing the top of a molar where no gum line can be affected or damaged.  Rotate to the side of the tooth, though, and it will slow the bristles speed to avoid the chance of gum wear.  The HT-B551 is currently available in Japan for $200.

[via Dvice]


Christen Costa

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