Well we haven’t seen this yet.  While the older LG decoy had the Bluetooth module embedded into the phone, this iPhone version might end up being better received by consumers.  With an ultra thin BlueTooth Piece at only 5mm, it is stored and charged on the back of the iPhone.  That’s cool.  With that lack of girth it should not impede too much on the overall weight and thickness of the iPhone 3G (see video).  While the case is not a battery itself, you can charge the phone and the BlueTooth piece through the micro USB port.  So essentially you cannot charge the BlueTooth piece wirelessley.  The headset is rumored to last an approximate of 4 hours of talk time and a week on standby.  Rumblings suggest that we might see this product in limited quantities sometime in July will a full scale Apple and AT&T store launch in the fall.  Price is suggested at $99.  This could be good news given the discontinued Apple BlueTooth Module.



Jeff B