I really gotta hand it to PhoneSuit. Why? Because, they continue to stick to their guns and battle it out in the iPhone accessory market. Although I wasn’t floored with their first battery back, the Mili Pro iPhone Video Projector looks to be the stuff dreams are made of. They’ve combined a tiny LCOS LED projector with their battery pack to produce a highly portable – palm sized in fact – projector that can display up to a 40-inch 640×480 image (it can go as large at 70-inches, but 40 is optimal).  There is no official word on playback time, but it does include a built-in speaker, RCA inputs, a 10 lumen output and is compatible with all iPhones and iPods.  Price of the Mili Pro iPhone Video Projector is TBD and you can expect it to arrive this September just in time for the holidays.


Christen Costa

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