E3 officially starts tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be on hand for one of the days.  But like all good events, the big boys have already started to roll out some juicy news.  Microsoft announced today that they’re upgrading the Xbox’s video capabilities.

First up, they’re changing the name of their video store to the ‘Zune Store’.  Clearly they’re trying to push the whole cohesive media thing to be more like Apple, and they probably see their video game arm as a big differentiator.  Additionally, 1080p movies will now be instant on, meaning as soon as you buy it you can begin to watch instead of waiting for it to download locally on your 360.

But on to more important news.  Netflix subscribers will no longer need a computer to add movies to their queue.  Nope, you’ll be able to add them directly on your Xbox.  I’d recommend picking up a keyboard or Microsoft’s messenger kit, otherwise you might be there all day punching in titles.  I’m not sure when the update will roll out, but let’s hope its soon.


Christen Costa

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