For those of you who love pressing snooze for a good hour before rising but wish you had better willpower, enter the iLuv iMM153.  All the normal clock dock functions apply here with the exception of the bed shaker.  The product page doesn’t really divulge how it works exactly so I’ll go ahead and guess.  I bet it’s slightly weighted so it stays on your bed.  I bet it also acts as a snooze button, though you should be able to toggle that option on and off.  I also bet you are supposed to put it under your pillow for maximum vibration.  It would be cool if they came out with a giant subwoofer you could put under your bed that just vibrated you awake.  Insert awesome joke here ”             “.  I like the idea and would love to give it a shot since I love to hate my snooze patterns.  On sale this July for $60.


Jeff B