While we anxiously await Powermat‘s offering and Apple to embed a solution directly into the iPhone, Wildcharge has officially announced the availability of their wireless charging solution for iPods and iPhones.  Much like Powermat, a ‘skin’ containing the necessary components is attached to the iPhone and when placed onto a Wildcharge pad begin to charge sans wires.  Of course, the pad has to be plugged into the wall and it is said that inductive charging, the technology currently behind today’s wireless charging isn’t as efficient as the traditional method, which of course gets all the watch dog groups in a huff.  The iPhone Wildcharge wireless charging solution ships in early July while you can pick up the iPod version now for the same price of $34.99.  Or you can opt for the bundle, which is $79.99.


Full release after the ‘leap’

Wire-Free Charging for the iPhone and iPod touch Now Available from WildCharge
Anxiously awaited skins first to provide wire-free charging for the popular Apple devices

(Boulder, Colo. – June 23, 2009) – WildCharge Inc., the leader in wire-free power technology, announces today the availability of WildCharge Skins™ for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Consumers and licensing partners have been anxiously awaiting the skins, which enable the popular Apple devices to be charged by simply placing them on the WildCharger Pad™, or on other surfaces that are embedded with the WildCharge technology, where they will begin charging immediately. The iPhone and iPod touch skins add to a growing list of WildCharge solutions that enable wire-free charging for a variety of portable devices. The iPhone skin is compatible with all iPhone models, including the new 3G S.

“The market is demanding a move towards wire-free charging, and WildCharge is thrilled to answer that call by adding Apple devices to our lineup of commercially available products,” said WildCharge chairman and CEO Dennis Grant. “With the addition of these two ‘Made for iPod’ and ’Works with iPhone’ approved designs to our reference design library, WildCharge is solidifying our position as the leading wire-free charging developer in the industry.”

The WildCharge Skins are durable, protective, form-fitting cases that when placed on the WildCharger Pad, transfer wire-free power from the Pad to the device inside the skin. The soft cases provide the same protection consumers already enjoy from traditional skins, but have the added value and convenience of enabling a wire-free charge. The WildCharger Pad, used in conjunction with the skins, delivers full power to multiple devices, allowing them to simultaneously charge together on the Pad while eliminating the clutter caused by multiple chargers and power cords. The iPod touch skin is available for order today and the iPhone skin will be available in early July. WildCharge Skins are also available for the Blackberry Pearl and Curve, and all are sold for $34.99 at WildCharge.com.

In addition to the Skins, WildCharge recently announced a Universal Adapter for mobile devices that works with the WildCharger Pad. The Universal Adapter is able to charge over 150 different cell phone models from major brands such as Motorola, RIM, and Nokia through the use of interchangeable tips, with the list of compatible devices constantly expanding.

WildCharge provides the only commercially available technology that enables licensing partners to deliver wire-free charging to a variety of devices that require varying amounts of power. From cell phones that require only a few watts of power to laptops that need over a hundred watts, virtually any device that has a rechargeable battery can be powered from a single, contiguous, and non-discriminating charging surface. WildCharge technology has met the industry’s most stringent regulatory and safety standards, including UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, and has been certified across all of the GSM bands.  WildCharge enables licensees to bring new items to market quickly and cost effectively through its reference design library, which features wire-free products that have been conceived, engineered and tooled with a pre-established supply chain.

About WildCharge
WildCharge is a Boulder, CO based company that is revolutionizing power delivery to portable electronic devices by commercializing – through licensing partnerships – its proven, wire-free power technology. WildCharge is the first company to offer commercially available wire-free charging technology that works with multiple devices across multiple brands. WildCharge’s Technology Licensing Program provides the design and manufacturing guidance allowing original equipment/design manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively integrate highly efficient, wire-free, technology into their products. For more information on WildCharge products and licensing capabilities, go to www.wildcharge.com.

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