Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model

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7 Comments to Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model

  1. Well, Ipod has 3 Ipod sizes now(16gb, 32gb, and now 64gb), so why say that Microsoft could not do it if Apple is? Saying something that makes no sense in first place is not going to convince anything.

  2. PRECISELY how I feel! No Apple for me — I *hate* iTunes. But PLEASE give us AT LEAST 64GB. I’ve got 90GB of stuff on my 120GB Zune and it recently went tits-up. Now I’m having to make do with my old 80GB model. Pain in the ass. I can’t possibly imagine going back to 32GB. Damn, I had a 32GB iPod 7 yrs ago!

  3. I am fixed on getting something not-Apple for my mp3s, but until Microsoft drops a 64 GB model, I’m not getting a Zune HD.

  4. Just like how the iPod Touch has had three models since the dawn of time? They seem to be doing pretty alright…

    Three models makes sense. Cheap, half-way, expensive. Those are three types of people who exist out there. They have to introduce a 64GB model SOMETIME and when they do, its probably going to be expensive as all gets out until its been around for awhile. Nobody is going to want an expensive model and then a really expensive model. There has to be an option for the poor people while still pushing new/greater tech. In any case, more options just means more money. Not everyone wants or will spend more than a certain amount on something, so this way you cover all your bases.

  5. Jon Goldsmith

    “Microsoft is considering a 64GB Zune HD, which I highly doubt because once you add a 3rd choice into the mix it gets more difficult for people to decide on which one and ultimately if they should actually purchase.”

    That makes absolutely no sense. If anything, Microsoft should release the 3rd option for the Zune HD. It will result in greater overall sales for the 32 GB model, and just more sales overall! When consumers have 3 options each priced differently ( 16gb, 32gb, 64gb,). The consumer will tend to purchase the middle priced option, because no one wants the cheapest product and most people don’t need the most expensive one. Consumers are irrational and if Microsoft were to only give the option to buy either the 16gb or the 32gb the consumer would have difficulty choosing because they wouldn’t be able to decide whether to get the basic model or the plus model. So…Microsoft would be making a huge mistake if they do not release a 64gb version.

    • I partially agree, but if you look at studies and give people a 3rd choice they become much more indecisive and have not just a hard time trying to decide on which one to purchase but if they should purchase at all.

    • feramentum

      It has been the premice of all marketing to cover all socio-economic user groups with a cost functional version of each. You obviously have no clue as to competition or marketing strategy. i’d lmfao if they dropped a 132 gig touch screen on the market just to crush apples 64 gig. It’s to bad people can’t be permanently tagged for the stupid things they say in all negativity. I can’t wait to read if it does happen. i am sure you will be sucking some schmeg.

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