The proprietor of Neowin has some how scored in inside man at Microsoft.  More importantly the leak is willing to share info about the Zune HD, so much so in fact that he straight up admitted to Microsoft execs that he had leaked info previously, but some how went on breathing.  I think it’s all just PR spin with a dab of reverse psychology (why would Microsoft let a leak admit to telling execs if they were pulling the strings), but if the info is accurate does it really matter?  Nonetheless, on to the juicy stuff.

So the Microsoft programmer, who doesn’t work on Zune, says that we can definitely expect the Zune HD early September and that the price of the 16GB version will cost between $249 -$280.  Using my powers of deduction that probably means we can expect the 32GB to cost $299 – $349.  The leak also went on to say that Microsoft is considering a 64GB Zune HD, which I highly doubt because once you add a 3rd choice into the mix it gets more difficult for people to decide on which one and ultimately if they should actually purchase.

[via Gizmodo]


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