With less red lights presumably?  Rumor has it that Microsoft will launch a newer version of the Xbox 360 to compliment the launch of Project Natal.  Now think Seinfeld voice.  What is the deal with the pronunciation of Natal anyway?  “Nah-Tall” vs “Nay-Tel”?  I think it should be pronounced like NHL’s  Miroslav Satan’s name.  Praise Lord Satan!  I don’t know why I am writing about this.

At any rate, Microsoft has not acknowledged this speculation, but the other rumors indicate that the newer model of the 360 will have slightly enhanced technical specifications and a camera for use with Natal.  No word on whether the camera will be mounted to the console or if it will be detachable.  Given the recent news that the Xbox 360 will have a ten year life span it should be interesting to see how these rumors pan out.


Jeff B