Heralded as the “tent of the future”, this concept tent from UK company Orange will have you camping out just to buy one.  The Glastonbury Solar Tent is made from a photovoltaic fabric that has special solar threads woven in so you’ll never be without power for your GPS device or cell phone.  To monitor power usage and storage the tent comes with a wireless LCD hub that even supports WiFi.  In addition, not only will the tent glow for you but it can also transmit SMS text messages to inform you of its whereabouts in case you get lost.  Finally, it uses a technology called groundsheet heat which is a heating element embedded in the floor of the tent that activates when the outside tempurature goes down.  While all this sounds positively sweet, isn’t sort of the antithesis of going camping?  On the other hand this would rock at a place like tent city in Sacramento.


Jeff B