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Garmin Adds Dakota GPS Line

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Today, Garmin announced their Dakota line of GPSes, which from the looks of it are just a water downed version of their 550.  It sports a smaller but reasonably sized 2.6-inch touchscreen, which probably explains the slightly better battery life of 20 hours.  And much like the 550 it’s waterproof...


Lucas Sanctioned Stars Wars Wii Lightsaber and Blaster


Lucas may not be a world changing auteur, but his business prowess is off the charts.  That’s why he is releasing official (read: not imitation) Star Wars paraphernalia for the Nintendo Wii.  The Lightsaber will be available in an Anakin and Yoda version and the Clone Trooper Blaster features two...


Gadget Rumor: Zune HD Pricing And 64GB Model


The proprietor of Neowin has some how scored in inside man at Microsoft.  More importantly the leak is willing to share info about the Zune HD, so much so in fact that he straight up admitted to Microsoft execs that he had leaked info previously, but some how went on...


MiLi Pro iPhone Video Projector


I really gotta hand it to PhoneSuit. Why? Because, they continue to stick to their guns and battle it out in the iPhone accessory market. Although I wasn’t floored with their first battery back, the Mili Pro iPhone Video Projector looks to be the stuff dreams are made of. They’ve...