Daily Archives: June 11, 2009


Samsung’s E1107 Crest Solar Cell Phone Coming This June


Rejoice all you techno-savvy tree huggers, Samsung announced the E1107 Crest Solar cell phone – the first commercially available handset fueled by the power of the sun. This dual-band 900/1800MHz GSM phone encases a large solar cell on the back cover that can charge its 800mAh battery. According to Samsung,...


WWDC 09: Apple’s Almost Real Time App Wall (video)


Aimed to show the power of the App Store, Apple’s App Wall display is sure to catch your eye at this year’s WWDC.  Showing 20,000 of the most popular Apps it also displays apps being purchased at about a 5 minute delay.  Looks pretty Matrix-esque.  Cool wall paper idea “indeed”!...