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ThrustMaster To Release New Tennis Duo Pack For The Wii


I guess you could really fit anything onto a Wii controller.  When’s the lightsaber coming?  Thrustmaster, sounding like it could be a different line of products is releasing the Tennis Duo Pack for the Wii.  Featuring real strings and a pro style grip, the Tennis Duo Pack will be available...


Metal Detecting Sandals, Lazy Or Just Stupid

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The Metal Detecting Sandals might cater to the lazy, but seeing as they look like a house arrest anklet, you might be doing a fare amount of running, from the law that is.  The sandals create a magnetic field beneath your feet and when distorted by any metal object up...


Gadget Leak: Samsung Omnia 2/GT-I8000 Specs Leaked


Leaks aren’t a good thing if your rolling in a canoe, but in the case of mobile phones we pray for them. This time around we’ve got word on Samsung’s newest Omnia phone, the Omnia 2 or GT-I8000. Although it lacks a touchscreen like the iPhone 3GS, it’s packing an...


iPhone 3GS Commercials Go Live (video)


By now everybody and their mother is aware of Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 3GS.  If not, then you must of been trapped under a rock yesterday.  Today, or perhaps even last night Apple officially published their latest commercials.  Check the videos below. [GR]Yj7kyID6Fqc[/GR] [GR]88cVjf562xc[/GR]...


The XR3 3-Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle Is All Future


Take a dash of Delorean, a little bit of the AutoMoto and some Bat Mobile and what do you get?  The XR3 3-wheeled hybrid vehicle.  Currently sold as a kit car, the diesel/electric engined vehicle is heading to production.  The driver has the choice of which propulsion system to engage...


Gadget Rumor: PS3 $100 Price Cut Coming This August?

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The Xbox 360 has long been the powerhouse console when it comes to serious gaming.  The PS3 may boast more robust hardware but its game selection, or lack there of, and high retail cost have deterred many.  But according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia Sony is planning a PS3...


Hannspree Releases Hannsnote Netbook


Hannspree, which has long been known for their LCD TVs and monitors, has pushed out a netbook computer called the Hannsnote, which is probably destined for the EU market only.  Reghardware is quick to point out that is just appears to be a rebranded MSI Wind and based on the...