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JVC Rolls Out New Flip Dock iPod Boombox, The UX-LP5

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While it’s far from a ‘game changer’, JVC introduced a new HiFi stereo system with a flip out iPod Dock, today.  Called the UX-LP5 it features a front facing USB input, 70 watts total power, 2-way bass reflex speakers, digital tuner and a video out for playing back movies and...


WWDC 09: Apple Officially Releases Safari 4


Looks like Apple is officially ready to take Safari 4 out of beta and will begin offering the full non-beta version starting today.  As before, they’re promising blazing fast speeds, cover flow (I’m not a fan), Phishing and Malware protection and some sort of feature that prevent the browser from...

Water Cannon

Remote Controlled 100 Foot Water Cannon


Back in the day drenching people in water was always the highest form of expression.  Super soakers and block party water balloon brawls are always great memories to think back on.  If I only had this, I would have ruled!  With fatty streams up to 100 feet long this remote...