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Gadget Leak: Is This The Next iPhone?

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Looks like new photos of the upcoming 3rd generation iPhone have been leaked. Who knows if they’re real, but if it’s the real deal we can gather a few interesting things: Opaque back, slip resistant finish–less likely to smudge Power button on the top left instead of right Headphone jack...


Combimouse: QWERTY Keyboard And Mouse In One


If you’ve ever feverishly performed busy work on your computer that requires you to go from keyboard to mouse, than you know how cumbersome the experience can be.  That’s why I like working on my laptop, because I never have to move my hands too far from the keyboard. The...


Belkin GPS Enabled FM Transmitter For The iPhone


While I generally loathe FM transmitters, could Belkin have something decent up their collective sleeves?  Entitled the TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter, it uses GPS to find your location, then in conjunction with the Clear Scan App on the iPhone tunes into the clearest FM frequency.  Does that really sound...