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Final Prototype Crunchpad Unveiled (video)

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I was just wondering what happened to the once fabled then leaked Crunchpad, when low and behold Arrington and crew go and announce a final design for the device. Unfortunately, these are just conceptual drawings, but they say they’ll show off a working prototype in a few weeks.  Taking one...


E3 09: Microsoft Abandoning Xbox Originals


Just like they did with the original Xbox console, Microsoft has announced that they will no longer produce Xbox Original games for the 360.  It appears to be a move to pave the way for their new premium “games on demand” marketplace, which will offer full retail versions of Xbox...


Cell Phone Elbow Helps Me Cash My Disability Checks

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While we’ve all heard of tennis and fisting elbow, CNN just issued a report in regards to what they’ve called Cell Phone Elbow.  Officially recognized as “cubital tunnel syndrome”, it usually happens to the elderly and truck drivers who spend the vast majority of their time bored off their asses...


Nokia Intros BH-905 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones


Nokia dropped a new pair of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones yesterday, the BH-905.  They claim it’s the ‘first product to feature patented multi-microphone-feed-forward active noise canceling technology’.  In other words, 10 microphones work in concert – 8 to sample and cancel out ambient noise, 2 to capture speech – to...


Pop’s ‘Stache Separates The Men From The Beer


Here’s a novel approach to separating your beer bottle from your friends: the Pop’s Stache. It attaches to the neck of the bottle and when you take a sip your instantaneously transformed into a 70s porn star.  Perfect for a  pimps and hos party, or any party for that matter...


DJ Hero Caught In Action (video)


I’ve been searching high and low for some DJ Hero in action.  Now, I’ve finally found it.  In the video below you’ll see the people from Free Style Games in a multiplayer mode that pits a DJ against a guitarist – yes, you can use your Guitar Hero guitar in...