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Gunnar Optiks Edge Glasses Review


I spend countless hours in front of my computer. This often equates to poor posture, a strained neck and a set of eyes that feel like they’ve been staring into the sun for days on end. Enter the Gunnar Optik glasses. They’re designed to reduce fatigue and for all intents...


Logitech Unveils Flight System G940 Gaming Peripherals

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E3 is fully underway and to get in on the action Logitech announced the latest addition to their G-Series line of gaming peripherals, the Flight System G940.  The idea is to bring a new sense or realism to today’s flight simulators and this includes an authentic force feedback joystick, dual...


Sony PSP Go! Price And Release Date Announced


Sony got official on their PSP Go! today.  We pretty much knew everything yesterday with the exception of price and launch date, which is going to be $249 this October 1st in the EU and North America and November 1st in Japan.  What?  Japan is receiving the PSP Go! after...