Verizon Wireless enV3 Sold Early, Goes Under The Video Camera (video)

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

25 Comments to Verizon Wireless enV3 Sold Early, Goes Under The Video Camera (video)

  1. Lmfao. I have the same phone x3. I love your wallpaper. Lmfao. Thats my wall as well. Anyways, nice description and thanks for making this because I had a little trouble working it out. Once again, thanks. x3

  2. Ok, here is the fix… Open the phone so it is flat. Notice the keys on the side now. Fully accessible. Thanks to my wife for pointing this out to me. Thanks Pam!

  3. OMG i want this phone for christmas lol do you think they will still be selling it by then or will there be an env4??? haha

  4. my env3 was working fine with video. then suddenly the souns would turn off when i tried to play one. how do i get the sound back on?!

      • I had that problem with the enV3. It is counter-intuitive because all other video playback controls are on the QWERTY keypad, including Mute. Turning volume up and down on video playback is controlled by the volume buttons on the side of the phone – which is awkward when the internal keypad is open.

        • use a letter opener to hit the volume button on the side to the maximum setting. once I did this, the volume was fine. Thanks for the tip Steve–you would think they’d fix that bug!

  5. In the threaded messaging, I saw that the icon next to each message (representing who sent what message) was just a plain silhouette of a person. Will this change to the contact picture, if you set a specific picture for a person’s contact information?

    • I don’t think this one is a touch screen. There’s an env touch, apparently, but it’s a separate phone model.

  6. Hey. Is the charger a mini USB or something that just LOOKS like it? Cuz I saw in the video that it kind of looked like it but I wasn’t sure. I think all phones should be mini USB.

  7. Shabootaquay

    This phone is great! I am absolutely in LOVE with it!! El amor de mi vida es de mi telephono!!

    • i think its not i think its the same size as the enV2 and i think the enV TOUCH id the same size as the voyager so im gonna say no

  8. i wanna get this phone!!!.. how many text messages can it hold up to. And just a general question maybe you can answer for me.. i was wondering if you know how much it is to upgrade your phone when your contract isn’t up yet?

    • The phones retail price without your contract being up is $299.99 on some plans you can upgrade like within 18months of your contract and resighn that contract aka extend another 2 years and you can get it for $79.99

  9. bonnie:)

    ok well i love the phone:)! but when u had the enV2 did th front mess up on u?? it did on me. but what i want to know is will the front on the enV3 mess up??

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