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LG GD900 UK Release Date Announced


Although LG has yet to announce when and if the GD900 will end up in the US, the UK will receive the first handset with a transparent touch sensitive keypad on July 1st.  Price and carrier have yet to be announced, but since the UK launch is just 2 months...


Terminator Booble Head, Salvation Is Finally Here

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I have yet to see Terminator 4 and based on the reviews, both peer and professional, I’m probably gonna end up waiting for DVD.  But that shouldn’t mean I can’t love some movie paraphernalia, right?  The Terminator T-600 Bobble Head features red glowing LED eyes and costs just $10.99. [via...


Scratch Ultimate DJ Controller Pic Surfaces


In and out of the courtroom, the race to the DJ simulation game is going to be a hectic battle.  The above pic of the “ScratchDeck” looks quite different than the DJ Hero controller and was designed by longtime industry stalwarts Numark.  No word yet on pricing or exact release...


iBuyPower Launches Battalion Premium Gaming NoteBook


ACER. ASUS. iBuyPower.  This endless flood of notebooks drives me crazy because I just can’t force myself to care about any of them.  I think it’s actually the stupid names and acronyms that makes me mad.  Alas, my problems are not yours thankfully.  iBuyPower has just launched their new 15″...


Zune HD Gets Officialized: In Cahoots With Xbox Live


Today Microsoft officially announced the Zune HD to thousands of screaming fans.  While possibly too little too late, the Zune HD will attempt to steal some iPod Touch thunder with the inclusion of such features as:  A built in HD radio receiver, HD video capabilities, OLED touch screen, and WiFi. ...


Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case For iPhone 3G Review


With iPhone aftermarket products easily overwhelming consumers by sheer numbers alone, it’s easy to get lost in the landfill when it comes to choosing something you like.  The Griffin Elan Form Graphite case for the iPhone 3G is a stylish and affordable way to outfit your most precious cellular device....


Lacie Intros Core4 And Core7 USB Hubs


USB hubs have always been about convenience, but until recent none have been quite so versatile as the Lacie Core4 and Core7 with design from Sam Hecht. The Core4 features 4 USB ports and a mini USB plug for attaching cameras and other mobile devices.  Thanks to Hect’s innovative design,...