Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case For iPhone 3G Review

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4 Comments to Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case For iPhone 3G Review

  1. I’ve had the case for a couple of months. From a design perspective, the case is awesome. The carbon fibre look, slim profile, etc. The nicest feature is that it wraps completely around the chrome trim on the front of the iPhone. However, the biggest problem is the lower trim panel. Don’t drop the phone! I’ve already broke it in 2 different places. The only reason I haven’t thrown it out like yesterday’s Post is that I dropped $34.00 to keep my phone looking fresh. Needless to say, Superglue owns me!

  2. I am interested in a case which fights terrorism and I had my hopes up until I read the CONS.. would you know if any of the other Griffin cases that could help ?

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