With iPhone aftermarket products easily overwhelming consumers by sheer numbers alone, it’s easy to get lost in the landfill when it comes to choosing something you like.  The Griffin Elan Form Graphite case for the iPhone 3G is a stylish and affordable way to outfit your most precious cellular device.

Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case for iPhone 3G Review

Sporting a faux carbon fiber aesthetic, the Elan Form Graphite looks like something Euro trash would scoff at cuz there’s no large emblazoned logo on it telling other Euro trash how expensive it is.  The front side has a nice darkened chrome beam running along the perimeter that adds a layer of sophistication to your iPhone not often seen with this type of inexpensive case.  Honestly all the Griffin stuff looks great.

The case splits along the bottom half that allows for easy removal for docking and such.  The case also came with a screen protector film but I have the hardest time getting those things to be void of air bubbles and I don’t really think the iPhone screen needs it anyway.  All the controls and the camera are easy to use and it only adds minimal weight and girth when at rest in your pocket.  Gripping the case is also unobtrusive and one handed operation is unhindered.

I really have no gripes when it comes to the Elan Form Graphite.  Like every case out there regular cleaning is required in order to remove the “daily debris” that tends to accumulate.

For being as cheap as it is, this case should appeal to all genders as it is attractive, lightweight and easy to dock.  I even dropped it once on cement and the case only suffered minor cosmetic injuries at best.  Of all the cases I have seen in my day, the Griffin Elan Form Graphite for the iPhone will be cooler than your buddies hands down.


  • Attractive Euro Style
  • Dock Friendly
  • Lightweight and Girth Free


  • Doesn’t Pay My Rent
  • Doesn’t End Energy Crisis
  • Doesn’t Fight Terrorism

Buy it here for $20!

Jeff B