Gadget Rumor: Zune/Xbox Handheld?

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2 Comments to Gadget Rumor: Zune/Xbox Handheld?

  1. G. Fellmer

    Is it smart for MS to get into the handheld market? I don’t know. I like the idea of being able to play Halo when I travel, but I’m not sure I would buy another handheld to do it. Let me explain. I currently travel to China from Los Angeles several times a year and do so with my PSP-3001. It’s a great way to pass time, with the ability to play games, watch movies, Skype, browse the web, etc… However, now that the iPhone 3G[S] has been officially announced, I think I’m getting one for a truly all-in-one device. I can do everything with an iPhone that I can do with a PSP and make calls from China. It seems that the iPhone is becoming a player in the handheld world. Unless the Zune HD is also a phone, I would suggest to MS to not bother with getting into this market.

  2. I agree, this would be a good thing for Microsoft to do. Sony and Nintendo currently hold the hand held gaming market, where as Microsoft is still leading the consoles with the affordable Xbox 360 versus the expensive Playstation 3 and the unsatisfied Wii. But I think a hand held is still in the cards for Microsoft at this point, and I don’t think there is any reason why there shouldn’t be a hand held xbox. Can you image walking down the street playing Halo 3? (sorry but multiplayer may be out of the question…psp ring any bells?) Or on the subway breaking the sound barrier with Hawx? Or even under your desk in class gunning down a mob of zombies with your buddy across the room on co-op (local co-op is a more likely possibility than any matchmaking services unless Microsoft could incorporate the Live feature into a hand held system.) In my many years of gaming I have yet to see Microsoft release a hand held video game system, and I would like to see that. The main argument at discussion is really the technology, can we make the technology that small while still holding the game and the graphical expectations of the Xbox 360? Who knows? But if Microsoft could pull this off I would certainly buy this, this would absolutely murder the DS (considering all of the awful games, c’mon what’s next barber simulator?) And the PSP went wrong with a single analog stick ( How hard can it be Sony?) If Microsoft took an Xbox 360 remote and smashed a screen with a miniature disc in it it would be a hit. No questions asked, assuming they can deliver the game quality that they have been giving us since 2001. An Xbox hand held is most likely to be invented in late 2010 I would say, and it will be a big hit when it does come into market.

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