Daily Archives: May 29, 2009


Gadget Rumor: Hulu On Xbox 360?


How sweet that would be.  Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn’s Twitter feed denoted that she had just finished a promo for a Microsoft/Hulu event on June 8th.  Telling eh?  Not that this means anything in particular but it is a fingers crossed sort of situation.  Just another nail...


Eminem And Jay-Z To Have Special Edition DJ Hero Bundle


Who saw this coming?  While Guitar Hero has the Metallica, Van Halen and Beatles expansion packs and games, it’s only fitting for DJ Hero to take the same approach.  Today’s news tells us that a special edition DJ Hero will feature the greatest hits from Eminem and Jay-Z and will...


Sirius XM App On Way To iPhone W/ iTunes Integration


At today’s Sirius XM meeting for shareholders, a presentation was made in regards to a new app on its way to the iPhone.  While the app will be free, an extra $3 a month will need to be added to an already existing subscription to Sirius XM to use it. ...